MGC151 Props The Rising Card specially prepared Bicycle deck + full instructions 10.00
MGC152 Book Bar Magic 16 page softback booklet by James Ryan 1977. with many impromptu tricks using everyday objects, informative, vg condition 5.00
MGC153 Set E.S.P. Cards a nice set of 25 cards + 2 instruction cards, mint 10.00
MGC154 Set E.S.P. Cards a set of 20 cards by M & M., basic 5 designs, no instructions, all cards mint, but outer box is worn 5.00
MGC155 Props Flying Coin a brilliant effect whereby a pre-marked coin disappears and re-appears inside a case inside a wallet. Instructions and all props supplied, and there is an old worn wallet to start with until you adapt your own wallet. 15.00
MGC157 Props pin penny lovely old item, this old style penny 1d. Has a minute needle attached and can be used as an hook to clothing etc, amazing tricks possible, as many baffling tricks as your imagination permits. One of the old style well-made professional props, great for close-ups at parties etc. n/a
MGC159 Props Chronologue by Bob Cassidy. Victim chooses a date of the year, then is handed a calendar-diary, different playing cards have been written in dates throughout the diary, but then an envelope is found in the cover of the diary, and that envelope contains just one card, which matches the date that the victim had chosen. unbelievable, astonishing effect, set contains everything and full instructions. no skill required. one of my favourite tricks 25.00
MGC160 Book The Magic Circular These are examples of the private publication distributed ONLY to members of the Magic Circle. These magazines are full of magical tips, news, who's ho, etc etc. There is only one of each of the following isues, to be sold as a lot, all 22 copies for one price. August 1988, Nov 88, Dec 88, Jan 89, Feb/Mar 89, June 89, Jul 89, Sep/oct 89, Nov 89, Jan 90, Feb/mar 90, Apr 90, Aug 90, May 90, Jun 90, Jul 90, Sep/oct 90, Apr 91, May 91, June 91, Jul 91, Aug 91, 50.00
MGC161 Props Nail thru finger This is one of the old original types, strong steel, well-made, looks great when worn, good fun, 5.00
MGC164 Book More bets you can't lose amazing 47 page softback book by Patrick Sullivan, crammed full of tricks that will earn you much cash in impromptu situations, such as down the pub. Lots of fun, some are very clever, worth it's weight in gold different from first issue. 12.00
MGC165 Book More mind teasers amazing 47 page softback booklet, full of clever puzzles and mind-tricks, lovely stuff for use at parties etc. Full of good stuff, nice item 12.00
MGC166 Set Hey Presto


a delightful complete set of 25 cards issued by Sharp's Toffee Company in 1970, each card shows magic tricks and instructions on back side of card, all cards are in excellent condition. 6.00
MGC167 Book Tricks of the Trade published by George Armstrong 1946. a lovely 24 page softback book with invaluable information & secrets for budding magicians. Excellent condition, probably never used, 10.00
MGC168 Book Magic for Moderns 46 page softback book by Eric Lewis in 1937. lots of tricks and secrtes, with illustrations, very good condition, 1937 12.00
MGC169 Puzzle Pig's maze This is a delightful old "balls in maze" puzzle made by Chad Valley, a dexterity puzzle made of tin with clear plastic top, all balls must be trapped into centre. Very old version. slight aging & soiling but perfect strong condition. Circa 1940's. 20.00
MGC170 Puzzle The Beehive puzzle a delightful dexterity type puzzle, maker unknown, glass top box, has beehive in centre, bees are a type of jumping bean to be manouvered into the hive. Very good condition 12.00
MGC171 Puzzle The Television Puzzle a delightful dexterity type puzzle, made by Journey, RJ popular puzzles, glass top box, has pieces of image for TV screen, to be manouvered into their position on the TV screen, Very good condition. 25.00
MGC172 Puzzle Kanuduit a delightful dexterity type puzzle, made by Journey, RJ popular puzzles, plastic top box, has plastic "question mark" and steel ball, to be manouvered into it's position Very good condition. 10.00
MGC174 Book After Dinner sleights by Lang Neil 1904 ( yes, 100 years old ) nice old 92-page hardback book, lots of tricks and instructions with illustrations. Spine is worn, but book is still strong, good condition. 10.00
MGC176 Puzzle Find the Lady This is an advertising collectible given by a petroleum company to promote their product, issued by National Benzole Mixture, circa 1920's ? Cards and instructions, including special "petrol" card. 20.00
MGC178 Book The Conjuror's Vade Mecum circa 1920's approx. by J.F.Orrin, 160 - page book with illustrations, excellent condition 15.00
MGC179 Book For Magicians Only


by Robert Parrish. 106 page hardback 1946 lovely art by Doris Peters, many tricks. Vg 10.00
MGC180 Book Magic as a Hobby by Bruce Elliott 240 page hardback. Published in mcmli. Lovely tricks and art, excellent cond. but dust-jacket split 2 inches 15.00
MGC181 Book Everybody's book of Magic by Barry Robbins. 128 pages of tricks & illustrations circa 1940's vg but slight browning to edge of pages, a delightful old beginner's book 7.00
MGC182 Book Reading is believing by Trevor H. Hall. Member of inner magic circle, gold star. publ.1947, a nice 104 page hardback cover book, explaining and describing the moves and presentation for numerous magic effects. The paper dust jacket is a bit worn but the book is in excellent strong condition. 15.00
MGC183 Book Stupid Bar Tricks by Adam Steinfeld. A 95-page paperback with LOTS of illustrations concentrating on tricks for impromptu fun in a social gathering, win bets. Vg 6.00
MGC184 Props Presto Magic Micro hook similar to the pin-penny, more sophisticated, very minute hook on 10 pence, full instructions 8.00
MGC185 Book Kid-show showmanship 52 page softback book by Bruce Posgate 1961, lovely routines and full instructions, + illustrations. 8.00

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