MGC052 Book Another Book by Karrell Fox, hardback 320 pages 1979, lots of illustrated magic tricks & "how-to" vg condition    1 8.00
MGC053 Book Modern Coin Magic 358 pages softback by BOBO containing 236 coin tricks and 116 coin sleights, great magic book, M   18.00
MGC054 Book Modern magic 563 pages softback by Professor Hoffmann 1979, a re-doing of the 1876 Victorian book, this book covers a vast range of magic tricks. Near-mint   18.00
MGC055 Book Master Book of Magic a delightful small paperback book given with Quaker Oats breakfast cereal. 1935. by J.C. Cannell. 64 - page book with many magic tricks and illustrations. Very nice item, excellent vg condition   18.00
MGC056 Book Modern Conjuring soft paperback book by J.C. Cannell, vice president of the Magicians Club 1941, 96 pages of magic tricks and illustrations. Good condition   10.00
MGC062 Video Trik-a-tape 6 by Patrick Page, for Magicians only, these series of video tapes contain news, information, tips, reviews, close-up magic, stage, latest ideas, routines & effects, inventors, dealers, backroom boys, the London magic scene, mentalism, tricks of the trade, this is a visual magazine for those on the inside. UK VHS video system only, not compatible in USA   20.00
MGC065 Video Trik-a-tape 9 by Patrick Page, for Magicians only, these series of video tapes contain news, information, tips, reviews, close-up magic, stage, latest ideas, routines & effects, inventors, dealers, backroom boys, the London magic scene, mentalism, tricks of the trade, this is a visual magazine for those on the inside. UK VHS video system only, not compatible in USA   20.00
MGC066 Book Unconventional Magic 59 page soft-back book by Lewis Ganson, includes many tricks and secrets, photographs, and line-drawings by Ali Bongo. very good condition   10.00
MGC067 Book Cigarette Magic 38 page soft-back booklet by D. Deveen, circa 1940's. nice magic tricks with illustrations, plus lots of fascinating old advertisements by Davenport's. Cover stained, but reasonable condition, very interesting item for cigarette tricks.   10.00
MGC068 Book Pin-points 16 page soft-back book by Ken de Courcy, lots of magic tricks using a safety pin, nice item, very good   8.00
MGC069 Book The World's fastest card trick 20 page soft-back magic book by Ken de Courcy, a complete routine with illustrations and instructions and patter, very good condition   8.00
MGC071 Video Master Coin Magic David Roth teaches master coin magic, nice instructional video, including the "Accentrik Purse" the "Okito copper-silver routine" "Two coin exhibition coins-across" + "One hand triple change" + "Fugitive coin" and many more tricks and routines. UK VHS system video, not compatible in USA   35.00
MGC072 Video The Party Animal issued by Trik-a-Tape, contains lots of gags and stunts and methods used., levitation, shirt pulling, lots of great magic tricks explained. 75 minutes with more than 30 tricks, with Simon Lovell. UK VHS system, not compatible in USA   20.00
MGC073 Unknown   ns. Magic, incredible diminishing cards, look normal but can be used to create amazing magic tricks, 52 + 3 sc instruction cards + stiff shell-type special box, all MINT   20.00
MGC074 Props Colored Crayons & Tube circa 1940's. extremely well-made magic item, complete in it's original box.    8.00
MGC075 Props Floating Coin circa 1940's, by Waddy prod. Complete discs in folding wallet, nice magic item for collectors    8.00
MGC076 Props Hindu Cones circa 1940's in original box, 4 special metal cones + terraced block + instructions, nice old magic item for collectors    8.00
MGC077 Props Knot a chance * by Wally Boyce via Tony Curtis Magic, complete with full instructions and props, a lovely item, mint   12.00
MGC078 Props Glorpy the ghost by Madblood creations, Glorpy jumps higher than ever, with new story & patter routine by Gene Poinc for 10 amazing magic tricks, complete with instructions,   12.00
MGC079 Video Videologue # 1 by Trik-a-tape, a compilation of magic tricks performed by some of the best known magicians, the secrets are NOT revealed on this tape, it is only a promotional tape, but a delight to watch the masters at work. UK VHS system, not compatible in USA   10.00
MGC080 Props Topit  This item is also used by thieves when stealing from a counter top. Amazingly easy, full instructions, many items can be vanished, one after the other, professional magic prop. mint   30.00
MGC081 Props The Magic Bottle Sold by Woolworths circa 1940-50's. Well-made magic prop, comes in it's own original box, + instructions      7.00
MGC082 Props Brainchild by Patrick Page, using specially gimmicked playing cards + full instructions, amazing magic card tricks possible.    8.00
MGC084 Props Royal Story a neat magic trick using playing cards of Prince Charles and Lady Di, with instructions,    7.00
MGC087 Video The Vanisher * Patrick Page explains the magic secrets of hand vanishing, and how to use the "vanishing" equipment. UK VHS system only, not compatible in USA    10.00
MGC088 Props The Evaporating Coin special gimmicked coin creates amazing sleight of hand magic tricks, fully illustrated instructions   15.00
MGC089 Props Travelling Hole neat magic props, self-working, amazing results, prod by Paul Diamond. Full instructions supplied   10.00
MGC090 Props Magic Coin Box circa 1940's, well-made in wood, can be examined and yet the slide in the box can disappear coins, nice oriental images painted on the outer case, very very nice magic item    18.00
MGC091 Video Dog-eared Deck Plus a delightful video by Simon Lovell showing and teaching many tricks, magic secrets revealed, including the Mind-reading chicken, oily snobs, thru the tongue, blind date, opticians delight, and many many more    30.00
MGC092 Props Polo Mints nice gimmicked props by Presto Magic, a pen passes thru a coin and polo mint, truly amazing & baffling. Self working, full instructions    18.00
MGC093 Video Psychic Confession Secrets revealed of amazing psychic tricks and telekinosis, an alleged famous psychic exposed by Master magician Korem, extremely entertaining video for collectors of magic. UK VHS system only, not compatible in USA   30.00
MGC095 Book Tricks & Magic One of the very collectible "Ladybird" books, 1969, delightful art & colouring, 51 pages, explains many magic tricks, for the beginner    5.00
MGC096 Props A night out with the girls by Tony Curtis, a delightful playing card magic trick, using many beautiful girls, but the victim always chooses the old ugly Hag. Great fun, with instructions   10.00
MGC098 Item MAGIC Just a beautiful old label showing the rabbit in hat and cards and wand on table top, ideal for framing.size 5.5 inch x 7.5 inch, slight scuff mark but good condition, lovely colours, ideal magic collectible, circa 1930's.??    7.00
MGC099 Props Adam's Cigarette thru Handkerchief nice old magic prop, circa 1940's, very well made, much nicer than the modern versions.   10.00
MGC100 Props Tony's Thingy Special gimmicky spinner that can be used to choose playing cards, etc etc etc, full instructions, a neat magic fun contraption, not supplied with cards.   6.00
MGC101 Props Jumbo stretch This is Peter Crush's version of the Joe Riding effect. Special gimmicked playing cards to create an amazing magic trick, full instructions and props    8.00
MGC102 Props Disappearing coin circa 1940's, well-made, as new. No instructions supplied, but method is obvious on seeing the specially prepared magic prop.    6.00
MGC103 Props Comic Prediction Performer is able to predict a playing card using special jumbo gag card plus force + magic Instructions    7.00
MGC104 Props Half & Half sets of playing cards cut into halves, are used for matching predictions, clever magic trick, complete with instructions    8.00
MGC105 Props Flirtation by Larry Monroe, lipstick kiss on a white handkerchief disappears to order, fun patter, full instructions, self-working, brings a chuckle every time, nice neat party magic gimmick    8.00
MGC107 Props Coins thru Table This set comprises 4 half-dollar coins and a special gimmicked prop and instructions. All you need is a glass tumbler, not supplied. Create impossible magic tricks by penetrating coins right thru a solid table top, right under their eyes. Well-made, nice item   25.00

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