MGC001 Book Kovari's Master Magic 60 pages general magic tricks, lots illustrations, very good condition    9.00
MGC002 Set Card Magic 2 x books, 1 standard deck of playing cards, 1 magic trick box + selection of many various trick cards to create 225 card tricks, incl "rising card" torn & restored" "reverse card" "Evaporating fours" etc.etc. Mint   20.00
MGC003 Video Patrick Page "Discoveries" 17 wonderful effects for playing card magic. ( UK VHS system only ) not compatible in USA   20.00
MGC004 Props Oriental ribbons circa 1930-40's. instructions, packet & ribbons, nice magic trick, g.    6.00
MGC006 Video Beat a Cheat secrets of a card-sharp ( UK vdo system only vhs)   35.00
MGC008 Book Fingertip Fantasies 88 pages hardback 1968 by Bob Ostin, illustrated magic tricks, nice book, near-mint  12.00
MGC009 Book Tricks with cards by Charles Roberts, Pubs Foulsham co .60 page booklet circa 1920's. nice magic contents. slight browning at edges. Good   8.00
MGC010 Cards De Land's marked deck unusual courts, great baseball ace, VERY early version. Magic playing cards. 52 vg + box fg   18.00
MGC011 Cards De Land's marked deck De Land's marked deck of playing cards, nice magic possible. , circa 1930-40's. 52 + 2 jokers + box. All vg - nm   12.00
MGC012 Book Card Tricks by J.A.P. 32 page softback bklt circa 1920 poor - fair, back cover damaged. Good playing card magic    8.00
MGC013 Book Card Tricks for everyone by R.W.Wood circa 1940's. 50-page bklt with lovely illustrations of card tricks, softback. Nice playing card magic    8.00
MGC014 Cards My Pet Deck specially prepared deck of cards with instructions for a series of performances. Unique playing card magic. Near-mint    8.00
MGC015 Book A little magic among friends by Will Dexter 1981 lovely book of magic tricks with lots of illustrations, softback 58 pages near-mint    8.00
MGC016 Booklet The magic of Close-up by Mark Leveridge 24 pages home-printed & bound contains useful info re magic tricks, illustrated, vg    6.00
MGC017 Booklet In the Beginning a lecture by Lloyd Jones 12 pages home-printed & bound 1970's. secrets of magic tricks etc. small cut on one page but not to detract from the enjoyment, vg    6.00
MGC018 Book Funny Holes 24 page booklet by Herb Rungray, magic instruction book with many images, 1984 near-mint condition    7.00
MGC019 Book Lock-Picking part 1 27 page instruction book with images by David de-Val, adults only, mint   15.00
MGC020 Book Lock-Picking part 2 32 page instruction book with images by David de-Val, adults only, mint   15.00
MGC022 Book Here's Hoo with coins 11 page booklet by Bill Spooner USA, magic coin tricks with illustrations    6.00
MGC023 Book It must be Mind reading 62 page magic book by George Anderson 4 th edition 1974, v-near-mint,   10.00
MGC026 Props Secret escape padlock large solid brass heavy "squire" padlock size 550, 4 brass levers, 1 key, secret way to unlock it without the key, nice magic item, many possibilities. + leaflet with secret   38.00
MGC027 Cards Mephisto deck * specially prepared deck of playing cards ( long & short system ) lots of possible magic tricks, vg + box   10.00
MGC028 Cards Nudist deck specially prepared deck of playing cards ( long & short system + rough & smooth system combined ) lots of possible magic tricks, vg + box 12.00
MGC029 Cards Taper cards specially prepared deck of playing cards ( tapered ) lots of possible magic tricks +2 special instruction cards +box v 10.00
MGC030 Cards Optica specially prepared  deck of playing cards for special magic illusion comes with instruction leaflet, near-mint.   10.00
MGC031 Cards The Magic Circle complete mint-sealed  deck, blank face playing cards with logo on backs for magic circle, many uses,+box   12.00
MGC032 Cards Magic playing cards specially produced marked-deck playing cards, different to the Mocker system, made in Japan, has special instructions card, mint + box. Magic   12.00
MGC034 Cards Invisible pack by Don Alan, specially produced magic deck of playing cards using "rough & smooth" all mint condition + instruction leaflet + box   12.00
MGC035 Book Tricks for travelling tricksters by Ken de courcy, 56 page book with illustrations for many magic tricks, 1982. nice item    10.00
MGC036 Cards Impossible Stop Trick specially prepared deck of playing cards, with extra card and full instructions, by Dr. Bill Nagler M.D. Mint condition. magic   10.00
MGC037 Book Pentertain by Ken de courcy, 16 page book with illustrations for many pen & paper magic tricks. nice item    7.00
MGC038 Book At the drop of a Match by Ken de courcy, 35 page book with illustrations for many match tricks. Nice magic item    9.00
MGC039 Book Card Caprice by Ken de courcy, 11 page book with illustrations for magic tricks. 1979 nice item    7.00
MGC040 Book The Astro Card File by Ken de courcy, 10 page book with instructions for magic tricks for use only with the Zodiac deck of cards 1979 nice item N/A
MGC041 Book 2 in the hand & 1 in the pocket by Lewis Ganson 34 page illustrated book for many magic tricks, 1979, nm    8.00
MGC042 Collect Tricks and Puzzles complete set of 25 different cigarette cards issued by Lloyds cigarettes in 1935, showing many magic tricks. excellent mint cond.   40.00
MGC043 Collect Puzzle Series complete set of 50 different cigarette cards issued by R.J.Hill cigarettes in 1937, excellent mint cond.   80.00
MGC044 Collect Tricks & Puzzles complete set of 100 different cigarette cards issued by Gallaher cigarettes in 1933, excellent mint cond 130.00
MGC045 Collect The Wizard Beautiful cigarbox label, very old, embossed highly colourful image of Wizard, ideal for framing, great magic collectible item. mint   50.00
MGC046 Book Adult Magic a delightful fully illustrated book of magic tricks with Paul Daniels by Barry Murray. 160 pages hard-back large size book, mint condition, 18.00
MGC047 Book Panorama of Magic large soft-back book by M. Christopher 216 pages lots of illustrations & facts relating to magic & tricks also contains many full colour pages of famous old magic posters of the greats, Houdini, Thurston, etc, a lovely book for all magicians 1962. Vg cond.   15.00
MGC048 Book My Latest Book by Karrell Fox 160 page hardback large size book lots of illustrations, many magic tricks revealed, near-mint   15.00
MGC050 Book The Magic of Matt Schulen softback book, springbind spine, large-size 1959. 169 pages, teaching lots of magic tricks with some illustrations Nice contents, vg to nm condition   15.00

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