MGC108 Props Miracle Liquid Levitation With this item you will be able to create many magic illusions of levitation of coins and cards, a well guarded secret used by many close-up magicians, supplied with instructions, easy to use, become a "master manipulater" in seconds.    20.00
MGC111 Props Silver Shadow specially gimmicked coin enabling you to perform seemingly impossible magic tricks, table-top magic, incredible illusions, full instructions. Coin through glass, etc   18.00
MGC114 Props Locking Reel professional Magicians prop required for many "steals" & vanishes. Extremely well-made, strongest nylon with powerful pull mechanism, plus instructions for many magic tricks. Attaches to belt or braces. One of the Magicians guarded secrets.   18.00
MGC115 Props E.S.P. 4 large stiff laminated cards are used for this ESP prediction stunt, great magic trick, full instructions   12.00
MGC116 Props Blink by Terri Rogers. 3 coloured rings become linked while in the victim's hands, and then separate, and then become fixed together, incredible close-up magic trick, self-working, full instructions supplied   15.00
MGC118 Book Computer Magic 25 page booklet of magic stunts using the ZX-81 Sinclair computor. Now dated but a ollectors item by David Hambley published in 1983 by M. Breese    5.00
MGC119 Book Working Performer's Marked deck manual by Ted Lesley, a 52 page book of methods and magic tricks possible, complete with marking material for marking playing cards yourself. I only have the one book for sale as this is my own copy. Mint condition Sold
MGC121 Cards Stripped deck deck of playing cards tapered width-wise rather than the usual length-wise, many magic tricks possible. used-good Sold
MGC122 Cards Long & Short specially gimmicked deck of playing cards, shows to be ordinary, then switches to a complete deck of all the same card. Cards can be selected, identified, etc many magic tricks possible, used but in good condition,   10.00
MGC123 Cards Mocker marked cards specially secret marked in back design of these playing cards, endless magic possibilities. Used fairly good, not original box Sold
MGC124 Props Perapatetic Coins well-made solid brass cups and coins. The coins vanish, close up, self-working, lovely professional magic item.    20.00
MGC125 Props Kangaroo Coins different coins switch positions under brass caps right under the victim's eyes, self-working, a very skillfully manufactured professional prop, lovely magic item well-made specially gimmicked coins etc etc Sold
MGC126 Cards Magic cards Made for Chadwick Miller in Japan, a different design of marked magic playing cards, with instruction card.    10.00
MGC128 Props Oriental Express A silver coin in the hand, changes to an oriental coin that has a hole right through the centre, and can be examined by the victim emmediatelly, well-made magic gimmick, professional finish, Sold
MGC129 Props Oriental Shift copper, brass and silver coins transpose from one hand to the other, etc etc, precision made coin shell and gimmicked coins, professional magic item complete with instructions. Sold
MGC130 Props Three coin Monte Just like 3 card monte but with coins instead of playing cards, professional equipment consists of 3 brass caps, coin shells, magnetic coins, coins within coins, etc etc, makes the most incredible close up magic, self working, impossible tricks become possible. Well made engineered props, wonderful item, complete with instructions.    28.99
MGC132 Cards Trick Cards BB * issued by Brooke Bond Tea, this is a deck of playing cards, showing monkeys as the court cards, and includes instructions for performing magic card tricks   8.00
MGC133 Cards Illusion Cards ** issued by Kellogg's cereal foods, this deck of playing cards shows optical illusions on every card + special joker + 2 spare cards of information + box, all MINT condition   10. 00
MGC135 Cards Magic Tricks issued by Burger King, this deck of playing cards has cute cartoon court cards + instructions for performing magic tricks with the cards   10.00


Magic Tricks issued by Burger King, this deck of playing cards has cute cartoon court cards + photocopy of instructions for performing magic tricks with the cards   9.00
MGC137 Cards Shuffling deck specilly gimmicked playing cards enabling you to shuffle the cards like a professional, good magic fun    10.00
MGC138 Cards Tommy Cooper deck of playing cards promoting KP peanuts co. showing nice image of the late, highly respected Magician Tommy Cooper, nice magic memento 52 + J + box N./A
MGC139 Props Houdini Skeleton keys a Professional set of "skeleton Keys" produced by David De Val, can open 300 different types of Padlocks, used as a lock-smith's tool kit, made from hardened tempered steel, rustproof. The keys are used together in different combinations. So simple to use, it is just like magic. Only for sale to responsible adults, please state that you are over the age to vote.   45.00
MGC140 Cards It's magic Blanks set of gimmicked playing cards which includes many blank cards in the set. There are 2 spare cards of instructions for performing the magic tricks possible nice item, mint condition + box   10.00
MGC141 Cards It's magic Marked deck yet another system of marking the backs, this time using the spots. Magic playing cards good   10.00
MGC142 Cards Optical Illusions a double deck of playing cards advertsing a company titled "L. Hill". Every card throughout the 2 packs has different optical illusions and visual oddities. A real lovely puzzle magic item, all cards are MINT condition   24.00
MGC143 Props The Slip by Peter Crush, special gimmicked cards and instructions for creating impossible magic tricks.    8.00
MGC147 Book Magic for Minors 85 page softback by Hugh Miller, full of lovely magic tricks and illustrations, vg - nm   6.00
MGC150 Book 101 Cool magic tricks by Glenn Singleton, Australia. A 205 page softback book, lots of illustrations and instructions for fun-type children's magic tricks.    7.00

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